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VAMO - Loan up to 30000 PHP  - Review

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  1. Register. Fill out the application and confirm submission by OTP (one-time password).

  2. Await the confirmation. You may receive a call from our customer service representative.

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  4. Flexible repayment options. Choose to repay loan entirely anytime or pay back by minimum monthly payments.

Vamo Loans

FAQs about VAMO loans

What is the term I can apply for?

Your first loan term is 10 days. You can either pay the entire loan amount or if choosing minimum monthly payments, afterwhich you will be invoiced every 30 days (if you have an outstanding balance) - the term can range from few months to few years, depending on your loan amount.

What are the loan costs?

The daily interest rate is 1.3% for remaining unpaid loan principal. A processing fee of PHP 100 is billed every invoice to cover our partners' fees for the maintenance of your credit line with us.

How soon my loan application will be reviewed?

We strive to review your loan application on the same working day and as soon as possible. Please be ready to await a call from our operator for verification and make sure that your references can take our call as well. Please note that we operate only during working days.

Who can apply?

Filipino citizens, aged 20-65, living and working in the Philippines, with a valid ID.

What information do I need to submit for registration?

  1. ID information - we require the NUMBER of either GSIS or SSS identification, full name, and date of birth.
  2. Communication information - phone and email.
  3. Address information - your current and permanent address.
  4. Employment information - what kind of work you do.
  5. Financial information - what is your current income and expenses.
  6. Contact references - phone number of a family member and your colleague/HR department/supervisor phone number.
  7. Payout information - bank account or one of e-wallets - GCash, GrabPay, PayMaya.
  8. Upload a photo of your physical ID document - can be either SSS, GSIS, TIN or Passport.

What should be my employment status?

You should be employed either by the government or a private company, you can be self-employed or own a private business.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow from PHP 1 000 to 30 000, however the final limit will always be reflected in your account.

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Loan terms
First loan: 1 000 - 30 000 PhP
Maximum amount: 30 000 PhP
Loan term: 30 days
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