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First loan: Maximum amount: Loan term:
1000 - 10 000 PhP 25 000 PhP 90-180 days
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1 000 PhP. Return
1 000 PhP. Take
0 PhP. Overpayment
First loan: Maximum amount: Loan term:
1 000 - 30 000 PhP 30 000 PhP 90 - 720 days
0.00% interest rate for new clients

Can I get a long term loan online?

In life, there are often situations in which it is impossible to do without a loan. When trying to take an instant loan on a card for a long time at a bank, the borrower is faced with bureaucracy and a tedious process of registration. He has to collect a voluminous package of documents and prove his solvency, and in some cases also look for guarantors. Therefore, many people prefer to immediately contact financial institutions that deal with online lending.

Most modern credit services specialize in issuing small short-term loans via the Internet. However, some of them have offers designed for a longer period. At the same time, the method of obtaining a long-term loan in such companies is much more convenient and faster than in banking institutions. The borrower simply chooses the most advantageous offer and submits an application online, after which the money comes to his bank card.

Who can take a long-term loan on a card?

The most common requirements for potential borrowers include the following. Consider the requirements of MFIs:

  • age from 18-21 years to 65-70 years;
  • citizenship of the Philippines;
  • registration in the country;
  • the presence of a passport and an identification code;
  • permanent employment or another way to obtain a stable income.

In order to take a loan online for a long time, it is not necessary to work officially. Many financial institutions are ready to cooperate with pensioners, students, freelancers, individual entrepreneurs and unofficially employed citizens. In addition to the basic documents, an active phone number and a personal card issued by one of the Philippine banks will be required to create an application. In some cases, a loan can be obtained not only on a card, but also in cash.

How to get a loan online on a card for a long time?

Making a loan does not require a personal presence at the company's office and usually takes no more than half an hour. The service is available to residents of all localities in the Philippines, since a loan application is submitted via the Internet. First you need to choose a suitable organization and go to its official website. Then, using a special calculator posted on the main page, you should determine the amount and term of the loan. After that, you can proceed to the next step - registering and creating a personal account.

The most important step in preparing an online application is filling out the application form. Here the borrower must carefully fill in all the fields, indicating only truthful information. If there are errors or inaccurate data in the application form, the company may reject the application, so before submitting, you should once again make sure that everything is written correctly. Sometimes it is required to upload scanned copies or photographs of documents, the data from which were included in the application, to the site. You also need to attach a bank card to which the funds will be transferred.

The credit service will consider the information received and make a decision on issuance or refusal. Most often, the processing of the application takes no more than 15-30 minutes, and the notification of the result comes in a message to the phone number specified during registration, or in the form of an email. In addition, the decision will be posted in the borrower's personal account on the organization's website.

If the loan is approved, you need to familiarize yourself with the proposed electronic contract and sign it using the code from the SMS message. After that, the money will almost instantly go to your bank card. The procedure for repaying the loan is prescribed in the contract, as well as in the user's personal account. This can be either a monthly deposit of a certain amount, or a different repayment schedule. The maturity of large loans varies from a few months to a year.

Where is the best place to borrow money for the long term?

When applying for a long-term loan, the consumer is faced with the fact that the list of offers is not as large as in the case of microcredits. However, you can still find a fairly large number of companies on the Internet that are ready to issue a large amount on a card after filling out an online application. There are several main criteria by which you should choose a credit service. Before using the services of a particular organization, it is worth studying the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the maximum amount available at the first contact with the institution? If you want 50,000 on the card urgently - is it possible?
  2. What is the maximum term for borrowing money?
  3. What interest rate is offered to new customers?
  4. Are there any discounts or other promotional offers?

To save time looking for a financial company that provides long-term loans, it is best to use a special service for selecting loan offers. Our site will help you quickly find a reliable organization that is ready to issue a long term personal loan. Here is a selection of the best deals available throughout the Philippines. All the borrower has to do is compare the conditions offered by different companies and submit one or more applications to the institutions they like.

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